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Ultra Snowball Barrage is a Tier 10 Barrage Technique. It fires an incredibly rapid volley of snowballs that go through tiles, emit a small amount of light, are affected by gravity and disappear after four seconds. It can be considered a faster but weaker counterpart to Infinite Barrage.

Its best modifier is Transcended.


Materials Station Result
UnlimitedKiCrystal.gif Unlimited Ki Crystal (x35) SuperTableItem.png Super Table UltraSnowballBarrage.png Ultra Snowball Barrage
Snowball Cannon.png Snowball Cannon
Ice Energy Talisman.png Ice Energy Talisman
FreezingBandana.png Freezing Bandana
Snowball.png Snowball (x3996)


  • 0.5.0
    • Increased damage from 385 to 463
  • 0.4.2
    • Introduced
    • Reduced damage from 463 to 412