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Note that this guide will contain unmarked spoilers. It will only cover the major stages of the game, having breakpoints at only the most significant post-Moon Lord bosses because that is where most of Dragon Ball Calamity Addon's content lies behind. This mod also adds content in stages of the game before Moon Lord, but this guide does not cover those as the intent behind it is to help the player through the gap that exists between the end of Dragon Ball Terraria and the end of Calamity.

This guide is accurate as of 0.5.0.


A sudden burst of energy comes from The Hallow.

You've just killed Moon Lord as the ki class. Now what do you do?

Providence, the Profaned Goddess

The first thing you should do is drop by The Hallow. All enemies killed within it will begin dropping Shining Ki Crystals which are your first material towards getting some better equipment in the post-Moon Lord phase of the game. Your immediate options upon farming enough of them is to craft the Energy Blade or the Galactic Donut as they require no additional materials. Beam and Massive Blast fans will have to wait until after Providence to be able to upgrade but there is also the Super Destructo Disk Assault that Destructo Disk Assault users will quickly be able to upgrade to.

Overall, the recommended weapon to get at this point is Fire Breath as it pierces both enemies and terrain, provides a lot of light and fires very rapidly in a straight line while doing respectable damage. You will also be able to craft the Brutal Zenkai Soul and ideal accessories are the Yellow Scouter for the 20% increased ki damage will be significant at this point in the game and can go as far back as the Earthen Arcanium for the scaling ki charge rate on prolonged chargings. Finally, those with Legendary will benefit more from making Legendary Cannon than any other trait and will want to make the Limit Breaker for a free revive while in both trait-exclusive Super Saiyan forms. With a combination of the above equipment, you will also be prepared enough to take on Polterghast which has a 25% chance to drop the God Ki Fragment and a 10%(12.5%Expert Mode) to drop the Phantom Shield.


One of the most potent accessories in the mod is the Android Heart that can be crafted once have some Ruinous Souls from defeating Polterghast. This accessory provides an immense 16,500 ki/s regen and a 25% increased ki charge rate, but reduces your ki weapon damage by 1% and using ki weapons too frequently with it equipped will cause you to begin overheating and taking damage. Despite this drawback, it is absolutely a useful item as it shifts the focus away from having to manage your ki consumption to reducing aggressiveness during prolonged fights so you do not overheat. It's been reworked several times, but it's balanced this time. Probably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While you will need to do this anyway to collect Effulgent Feathers to start a later boss fight and eventually make a new ki helmet, it will also be to your advantage to fight The Dragonfolly at this point enough times for it to cough up the 10% (12.5%Expert Mode) Ultra Instinct consumable item. Notably, it is not achieved by fulfilling some type of condition after a certain boss has been defeated, it is instead a separate drop that you pick up and use much like the Kaioken items. Once you have consumed it and assigned it to a hotkey, you will be able to transform into Ultra Instinct and enjoy a respectable boost in damage, speed and survivability thanks to its innate chance to dodge attacks. If you have the Angelic trait, Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct both receive a slight extra boost in damage, speed and dodge chance.

Those who value damage over survivability will want to fight the Sentinels of the Devourer even after the Rune of Kos has been obtained for the potential to roll the 8.33% (10%Expert Mode) chance for the Ultra Ego consumable. Ultra Ego sacrifices Ultra Instinct's dodge chance for a higher maximum damage output buff that climbs based on how much damage you take, capping at a whopping 520% increase in your damage output up from Mastered Ultra Instinct's maximum of +350%.

Devourer of Gods

The Astral Infection gives off unusual heat.

With Providence down, Warm Ki Crystals will begin to drop from the Astral biome. Collecting enough of these to craft the God Ki Scroll is a good start for this stage of the game and you will also now get Flames of Purity from enemies killed in the Hallow biome for a new set of armour. These crystals are necessary for crafting some good weapons along with Divine Geodes and Unholy Essences, plus you will need a lot of them especially if you use Barrage techniques as the final Barrage item requires two copies of Black Power Ball that can be upgraded into Divine Retribution for those who prefer a faster rate of fire and reduced ki drain at the cost of damage per shot, or God Splitter for the inverse. For weapons, the Blood Massacre, Death Saucer Galaxy, God Slicer, Ray Blaster and an upgrade to Double Sunday will all be available now and those with the Legendary trait will likely have their eye on an improved Legendary Bomb.


Those of you who have been using Ultra Instinct may have noticed a mastery percentage on the tooltip when hovering over the buff icon. That's not just for show; once you get it to 100% and fight The Old Duke, you can upgrade to Mastered Ultra Instinct by entering Ultra Instinct and dodging two of its attacks. Mastered Ultra Instinct boasts +80% damage, +50% speed and +15% dodge chance compared to Ultra Instinct at 100% mastery so it can be worth taking a detour to acquire.

Jungle Dragon, Yharon

The Gods have descended into the Abyss.

The defeat of Devourer of Gods opens up another new set of armour to craft. This set provides the usual variety of ki boosts along with a few unique effects on top of that. Along with increasing the amount of damage that Power wishes grant by 50%, it will also spawn a small dragon behind your character that acts like a sentry and fires homing ki blasts at any on-screen enemies. It is a worthwhile upgrade from the Radiant set and if you have any of the five Power wishes - ideally all of them well before now - then it will increase the damage boost from them even further. This set can also be upgraded later in the game so don't throw it away as soon as you replace it.

For weapons, Beam users can now upgrade to Bloody Kamehameha X10 and the Cataclysmic Orb will be available for Barrages if you've got both God Splitter and Divine Retribution. Holy Wrath can be upgraded into Divine Wrath with only itself and 25 Godly Ki Crystals, and Endless Monday can be crafted by taking a trip into the Abyss to kill Moray Eels, Oarfish, and Gulper Eels for five Eternal Souls.

You have two options with God Slicer: It can be upgraded to Great God Blade with 15 Cosmilite Bars, or the unique Sorrow Scythe weapon that can inflict Shadowflame. It swings a single time if charged once, but when charged twice and released, it acts as a continuous attack in front of your character that quickly burns through your ki and can be cancelled at any time by left clicking with it equipped. Unlimited Donuts can also be made out of Galactic Donut and Super Destructo Disk Assault and finally, Legendary Blaster's projectiles have a unique behaviour in that they home into your mouse cursor instead of being fire and forget or homing into enemies along with the usual damage boost for those with the Legendary trait.

Exo Mechs and Supreme Calamitas

The release of the jungle's heat has made the cold stronger.

You now have access to the final tier of ki crystals and with it, the tier of weapons that you will need to tackle the final bosses of Calamity. Unlimited Ki Crystals can now be dropped by any enemy in the Snow biome and they are used for the final tier of weapons.

The Legendary Dragon set will be available and provide the usual set of stat boosts, upgrades its own unique effects from the Dragon armour and finally, it also increases the potency of your Zenkais by 1.5x. Ultimate Blade will bisect everything that dares to enter the third of the screen that you point it at and has the friendliest crafting recipe by far. Endless Destruction requires several other attacks along with the usual endgame materials but will satisfy Massive Blast users when they get to throw a ball of ki roughly the size of a Planetoid at their foes.

Infinite Barrage and Mastered Beam have crafting recipes that will make those familiar with the Zenith wince, but your reward is the strongest weapons from the currently complete set of Tier 10 weapons. Both of these techniques are extremely strong for the final stretch of the game and Mastered Beam will vaporise just about anything that you aim it at. Infinite Barrage homes into targets, pierces enemies and terrain along with having a respectable enough rate of fire to let it destroy even fast moving targets and the size of each projectile is huge so it will quite easily handle the remainder of the game. If rate of fire at the cost of raw damage is more your style, you can instead opt for Ultra Snowball Barrage. Its projectiles do not home or pierce, but they originate from around your character, converge on the cursor and are affected by gravity so you will need to lead your targets to land every shot but the occasional miss will still not be a problem thanks to its sheer rate of fire. Once Supreme Calamitas or at the very least, the Exo Mechs have bitten the dust, you're almost finished.


It's not over yet. Now that you have Exo Prisms and Ashes of Annihilation, you can use them alongside the Incredibly Divine Threads to make some endgame armour. Your choices at this point are the Destruction God set or the Angel set with the former being available slightly earlier and focusing on damage output and an aggressive playstyle especially while in Ultra Ego, whereas the Angel set bolsters your defence and dodge chance more and synergise well with Ultra Instinct. Either of these sets will do the job for the Boss Rush.


Grand Zeno rewards your courage with a new item in his shop.

With at least tier 1 of Boss Rush completed, Grand Zeno will appear in your world and sell you new items based on how many more tiers of it you have completed. Surpassing tier 3 will allow him to sell Zeno's Blessing which you use like a buff potion to allow Zenite Bars to drop and tier 4 allows him to sell Divine Plates at 25 gold a piece for post-game items. Just don't try to kill him, okay?  ;)


You have now completed Dragon Ball Calamity! Please take note that this guide took some time to complete and was written from scratch by one person so any updates that come out and add new items or worse, alter the progression will take some time to incorporate into this guide. The comments section is open so feel free to point out anything that I can change or add and I will get to it as soon as I am able to.