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This mod adds three new forms: Ultra Instinct, Mastered Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego.

How to obtain

UIBuff.png Ultra Instinct is unlocked by using the Ultra Instinct item obtained as a 10% (12.5%Expert Mode) drop from The Dragonfolly. The Ultra Instinct buff icon will have two lines of text on its tooltip that show your dodge chance from the form along with your mastery of Ultra Instinct. To increase mastery, you simply need to remain in the Ultra Instinct form and it will slowly build over time. You will receive a small additional increase to Ultra Instinct mastery by dodging any attack and your dodge chance will slowly climb alongside your mastery which maxes out at 45% dodge chance at 100% mastery. Any time you dodge an attack will be indicated by a cloud of light brown smoke on your character and an extended period of invincibility frames. Once you have achieved 100% mastery, you will be able to ascend to Mastered Ultra Instinct.

  • It grants +370% damage, +200% speed and 25%-45% dodge chance but ki usage increases by 95% and drains 210 ki/s.

PUIBuff.png Mastered Ultra Instinct is unlocked by achieving 100% mastery of Ultra Instinct, then dodging The Old Duke's attacks twice. Upon summoning The Old Duke while in the Ultra Instinct form, you will be greeted with one of two messages depending on your mastery; "You feel like you haven't trained your instinct enough..." if you have not mastered the form, or "You sense a need to tap into a deeper instinct..." if you have. If you see the latter message upon The Old Duke's appearance, then successfully dodging two of The Old Duke's attacks will immediately ascend you into Mastered Ultra Instinct with an accompanying sound cue. These two dodges do not have to take place in the same fight or while the boss itself is still alive.

  • It grants +450% damage, +250% speed and 60% dodge chance but ki usage increases by 135% and drains 300 ki/s.

UEBuff.png Ultra Ego is unlocked by using the Ultra Ego item obtained as an 8.33% (10%Expert Mode) drop from any of The Sentinels.
Ultra Ego sacrifices the dodge chance and survivability of Ultra Instinct for raw damage output which scales with how much damage you take while in the form. The Destruction God set reduces the amount of damage you must take to reach the maximum damage bonus this form provides.

  • It grants +420% damage up to 720% and the amount this damage boost rises is based on how much damage you take from each hit while in the form. It also provides +120% speed and 36 defense but ki usage increases by 80% and drains 180 ki/s. If the player equips the Destruction God armor, this damage increase rises to +470%-+770% and you will not need to take as much damage to reach it, but this boosted damage will drain twice as quickly.


  • It is very easy to miss the audiovisual cue that you have achieved Mastered Ultra Instinct during the heat of the boss fight against The Old Duke. If you have 100% mastery with Ultra Instinct and believe that you should have unlocked Mastered Ultra Instinct, the best way to find out is by simply pressing the Ultra Instinct hotkey again to enter the new form.
  • If the player uses the now-unobtainable consumable item via inventory mods to obtain MUI, then you will still be able to use the form to increase Ultra Instinct mastery and in turn your dodge chance. Doing this will have your dodge chance climb from 40% to 60% as your mastery does, but it is not noted above as the player is intended to have 100% mastery before unlocking Mastered Ultra Instinct.


  • 0.3.0
    • Introduced Ultra Instinct and Mastered Ultra Instinct
  • 0.4.3
    • Introduced Ultra Ego
  • 0.5.0
    • Reworked Ultra Instinct; now has mastery and maxing it out is now required to unlock Mastered Ultra Instinct
    • Increased damage output of all forms